Does Invest In The Midwest own the properties listed?

We own many of the properties advertised on our website. We also advertise properties owned by investor partners.

How does Invest In The Midwest make money?

We earn our money by locating & acquiring cash flowing rental properties in affordable markets. We constantly sell properties that we've acquired for a profit and wholesale other great deals that we've not yet acquired. There are no hidden charges or fees. 

How do I finance a property with Invest In The Midwest?

We have lenders lined up ready to finance the purchases of your turnkey rental properties. Whether you will be using conventional financing or buying through your retirement account, we have lenders ready to go. You are free to use your own lender as well; however, we highly recommend using our lender as they already know our product, process, and neighborhoods. 

What if I don't have cash or good credit?

There are many alternative ways to finance rental property purchases. Click the link below for a thorough discussion of this topic.

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What if my tenant stops paying?

The property manager will advise you in this situation and act on your behalf to collect late fees and/or engage in court proceedings for eviction. All of the states that we invest in are landlord friendly states, which makes these processes inexpensive and effective. 

What type of insurance do I need?

Click the link below for a thorough discussion of this topic. 

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